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Longoni S30 shaft


Longoni officially announces the newly developed S30 shaft which further innovates the range of laminated shafts.

As the S3 shaft has been taken out of production a few months ago, the S30 shafts replaces it with some further innovations. The new shaft, that will have a structure of 20 slices of wood (combined of Canadian maple and Hornbeam), has been put into production (11,8mm - E69 and E71) but will be available only at the end of the year. First, it will be possible to order it only in combination with a “Signature/Silver line” butt and the price of the cues won’t see, for the moment, an increase compared to the previous similar versions delivered with S20 shafts.


Below a link to a video that shows the charactistics of the new shaft.


Paramount cues

The Paramount cues have been added to the portfolio of cue brands sold by Spin and more.

Players like Eddy Leppens and Jef Philipoom are reference top player playing with this brand.

Further information can be found in the related area.

Karma Bara bags

'Zan' tips


The ZAN Plus tip is a high quality laminated leather tip composed of eight or nine layers of pig and hog leather. For each hardness, specific leathers are used which gives ZAN tips solidity and high elasticity. Using this unique approach, ZAN tips holds chalk exceptionally well. This in turn gives the player maximum control and consistency, no matter what shot they have at the table.
Zan tips are handmade by experienced leather workers who play professionally as well. The consistency and attention to detail are evidence to their dedication to making the finest cue tips in the world.

Zan tips, Zan tip

Pocket Lathe

Pocket Lathe - Niver

Ceulemans cues available

Raymond Ceulemans® cues have been added to our range of products.

The models HQ-03, HQ-04, HQ-05, HQ-06 and HQ-07 will be delivered with two HQ-67 shafts with layered tip and feature luxurious joint protector set.

Longoni Soft Touch cloth

Microfiber cloth to clean cues, shafts, balls and more. Thanks to its special fiber, it removes dirt and grease without the use of detergens.

It should be used dry or slightly damped. It can be machine washed and used several times.

Size: 30x40cm

Composition: 100% Polyester

Molinari rubber

Molinari grips are made from a silicone-ceramic composite for added strenght, adhesion and durability.
Lenght: 300 mm, weight: 17 gr.

Glove Sung Won Choi

Glove IBS

Molinari cue cases 2/4 or 3/6

Molinari ™ cue-cases have been developed with the feedback of numerous players in mind: maximum protection combined with ease of use and a great design is the result.

  • Full-length zippers for ease of use with butts with rubber grip.
  • Separate pockets for extension, chalks and tools.
  • Ventilated pocket for your glove and towel.
  • Ultra-vinyl, seams are double stitched for extra durability.
  • Wide, comfortable shoulder strap.
  • Lock included.
  • Case weight 1,42 kg
  • Available in black/black, black/grey, black/cyan and black/orange

New Longoni glove "Sultan"

Transparent rubber grip Longoni Murano

Thermic Shield for heated billiards